Author Visit

Discover how an author visit, whether in person or virtual, can ignite a passion for learning in students. Erica Basora, a renowned author, goes beyond simply sharing her stories and offers interactive workshops that perfectly align with your literacy goals.

These workshops are designed to cater to different weeks and are eligible for Title 1 funding. By bringing Erica Basora to your school, you can inspire and engage students while effectively utilizing available resources to promote educational excellence. Join us and unlock the joy of learning through the power of authorship.

Journal Masterclass for Kids

Become a Published Author

Discover the joy of journaling at our interactive Kids' Journal Workshop! Designed for young minds, this workshop will ignite creativity and self-expression through writing and art.

Kids will learn various journal book types. Led by experienced facilitators, this workshop will encourage personal growth, reflection, and a love for writing. Join us for a fun-filled session that empowers kids to unlock the author from within,

Entrepreneurship for Kids


Calling all young entrepreneurs! Join us for an engaging Self-Publishing Workshop designed specifically for kids. In this interactive session, children will learn the ins and outs of self-publishing, empowering them to bring their creative ideas to life.

Our experienced facilitators will guide participants through the entire process, from brainstorming and writing to designing and marketing their own books. Kids will discover the power of entrepreneurship as they develop valuable skills. Join us for a workshop that sparks imagination, fosters independence, and inspires the next generation of young authors and business owners!

Recipe Book Challenge

Recipe Book

Join us for an exciting Recipe Workshop organized by Erica Basora, where we'll create a unique recipe book to help raise funds for your school/ organization. This interactive workshop welcomes food enthusiasts of all levels to share their favorite recipes, culinary tips, and tricks.

With expert guidance, we'll select, organize, and design a beautiful cookbook that showcases the diverse culinary traditions within your community. By participating, you'll contribute to your school's success while creating a lasting treasure of delicious recipes. Let's come together, cook up something special, and support our students in the process!


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